I design digital experiences that solve real problems.

Hey there! I’m an impact driven product designer with a goal to create solutions that will solve real-world problems. Most recently, I’ve been working with Novoda to provide solutions to a wide range of clients. In the process, I’ve honed my skills in problem solving, communication, and product design.

At 16 years old, I decided to start learning Android development so I could create my own apps. I’ve got a small selection of apps on the Play Store (which I haven’t updated in a looong time), but somewhere along the journey I realised that design was the future for me.


My personal values

Moral intuition

Moral intuition is the golden standard for the choices one makes.


Clear and non-attached feeling transcends emotions and leads to complete understanding; or intuition.


Something is valuable when its message inspires people towards calm intuitive feeling.


Nice to see

Speaking at ADDC on AR

My former colleague Berta Devant made an AR project, and we were lucky enough to be able to present our findings at the App Design and Development conference (ADDC) in Barcelona.

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I really like analogue art, and from time to time, I express myself through calligraphy and lettering. Check out my Instagram for more.

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I’ve been getting into photography and I’m always on the hunt for interesting locations and models to work with. Follow my work on Instagram.

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I really enjoy writing, and over the course of a few years I’ve published a thing or two.

Most of the stuff I write is posted on Medium. You’ll see me writing about design, case studies, and even coding!

Since working at Novoda, I’ve published a lot in their blog.

I’ve recently been getting a lot into philosophy, and I find that to make my thoughts clear, writing them down and developing them like an essay is really helpful and insightful. Sometimes I decide to publish these essays, and I created a publication for them on Medium called On The Topic Of.